Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Which came second...???

Flock #2 consists of:

1 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (BLRW) Rooster
3 BLRW pullets
2 Easter Egger pullets
1 Silkie pullet

General Characteristics: Ages range between 20 - 28 weeks. No one is laying yet but we are in "egg alert" mode.

BLRWs - So far, these are my favorites! They are quiet, gentle and very friendly. They like to be held and cuddled and will sometimes follow me around until I pick them up. Hopefully the two older ones will start laying soon. I am going to try and hatch a couple of clutches this next spring. We'll see how that goes....

Easter Eggers - They have been the least friendly of all my birds (at least until recently....so maybe they will start laying soon???). I can't wait until I get my first green, blue or pink eggs. I will probably order more EE or Americaunas this spring because I like the thought of having differently colored eggs.

Silkie - I was given the Silkie by a friend because she was the only one to hatch out of several eggs. She is very sweet. I'm hoping to use her as my surrogate mother as I hear they make good broodies.

BLRW Rooster

BLRW pullets

Easter Egger


Mixed group


  1. We have one easter egger that is friendly but the other is not at all. I think they are both laying, but the eggs are the same color so I'm not sure. I like the Welsummer, she is very friendly, but not laying yet. We like our speckled sussex the best but haven't had BLRW. Our silver laced wyandottes are not friendly at all.

  2. My goodness, all your chickens are so beautiful!
    And, clearly, I did not scroll down on your sidebar far enough the first time - your goats and rabbits look like absolute delights!
    What fun you must be having!! :-)

  3. Haven't ever had any of my americaunas be overly friendly to me either. Love the BLRW, want to add some of those to my layer flock also. I guess you can tell, I want some of every breed of chicken, well most every breed. ;) I love the silkies, they are always friendly. Have some of those, of course.