Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chester - Snow Dog and Lover of...



Yep, it seems that Chester and Cali are becoming best of friends. This is what our evenings have recently been consisting of:

I brought Cali inside to spend some more time with her. For the first few days she stayed in her enclosure in the laundry room but with each day and more exposure to the dogs she is venturing out and about a lot more.

She has also formed an unlikely friendship with Chester.

The older dogs for the most part ignore her. And Maggie (whom Cali outweighs by 10 lbs or more) is feeling a little jealous that Chester has found another playmate. The fact that she get's HB's lap all to herself is a bonus though....

...while watching Chester and Cali play she found that she just couldn't keep her eyes open another minute.

On another note, HB and I worked on plowing the garden earlier this week. This plow was sitting out as garden art but HB's father suggested that we hook it up to the riding lawn mower and use it to plow the garden. Worked like a charm (sorta)! :)

Live simply, love fully and Smile!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was in need of a smile...

...I started my day with the feeling of a heavy heart.

This morning before work I visited a few of the blogs that I follow. Blog land is a such funny place, a place that is so real though many times it involves people or animals that you may never meet. Sometimes you rejoice and other times you mourn. Today I read about:

...a woman who lost her 12 year old son this week...(how could you not mourn and be heartbroken).

...and a beloved pet that passed...(how I empathize with this kind of loss).

...and this afternoon, I learned that a new friend (met through blogging) was feeling disappointed and sad regarding the future of a new baby goat.

The point is that these people, animals and pets are real. Through blogging, I have developed relationships that effect how I feel and how my heart reaches out to those hurting and rejoices with those that are happy.

So....I wanted to share something today that makes me smile and brings me great joy! Meet two of the MOST important women in my life: My Mother and Granddaughter!

These are two of the mainstays in my life (along with my two daughters and son, in case they are reading and get their feeling hurt that they weren't mentioned). My mother recently brought Sweet Pea up for a visit and what a time we had with her. At three she changes almost every day and both Papaw and I miss her terribly. Thanks, Mom!

A girl on a mission. (There is no audio on my camera but I think you can see by her body language that she RULES.)

Rejoice with me in the blessings of today and empathize with me in the sorrows of tomorrow.

And to my blogging friends, those that I've met; have yet to meet or may never see, please know that I care about you and appreciate being a part of the life you share through blogging!

Live simply, love fully and smile!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh, Mister Moon...

...moon. Bright and shiny moon Won't you please shine down on me!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please tell me these things don't come in threes...

We woke up this morning to find that Luxy had died. He had been dealing with some health issues which included a chronic eye infection and he had also recently started having seizures. I was very worried about him last week but the last 4-5 days he seemed to rebound with a better appetite and more energy. I went to sleep last night not worried a bit....

I have better pictures of him but can't seem to locate them after the move. These were both taken in the last 30 days.

Bye, buddy, we'll miss you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Someone's coming....

...for a visit!

Needless to say, Papaw and I are ecstatic!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The grave digger...

...the goat feeder
...the fence builder
...the woodworker
...the singer/musician
...the best Papaw
...the dog walker
...the handsome/happy one
...the snow shoveler
...the coop builder
...the egg gatherer

...and so much more but mostly...

...the one I count on and couldn't live without!