Sunday, February 20, 2011

I was in need of a smile...

...I started my day with the feeling of a heavy heart.

This morning before work I visited a few of the blogs that I follow. Blog land is a such funny place, a place that is so real though many times it involves people or animals that you may never meet. Sometimes you rejoice and other times you mourn. Today I read about:

...a woman who lost her 12 year old son this week...(how could you not mourn and be heartbroken).

...and a beloved pet that passed...(how I empathize with this kind of loss).

...and this afternoon, I learned that a new friend (met through blogging) was feeling disappointed and sad regarding the future of a new baby goat.

The point is that these people, animals and pets are real. Through blogging, I have developed relationships that effect how I feel and how my heart reaches out to those hurting and rejoices with those that are happy.

So....I wanted to share something today that makes me smile and brings me great joy! Meet two of the MOST important women in my life: My Mother and Granddaughter!

These are two of the mainstays in my life (along with my two daughters and son, in case they are reading and get their feeling hurt that they weren't mentioned). My mother recently brought Sweet Pea up for a visit and what a time we had with her. At three she changes almost every day and both Papaw and I miss her terribly. Thanks, Mom!

A girl on a mission. (There is no audio on my camera but I think you can see by her body language that she RULES.)

Rejoice with me in the blessings of today and empathize with me in the sorrows of tomorrow.

And to my blogging friends, those that I've met; have yet to meet or may never see, please know that I care about you and appreciate being a part of the life you share through blogging!

Live simply, love fully and smile!!!!


  1. What a sweetheart she is! I'm sure you treasure every moment with her :)

  2. Thanks for the smile! It has been a heavy hearted day with the news of the loss Terri's son. Your granddaughter is a treasure. She has a beautiful smile and eyes that captivate!

    I agree with you about the wonderful relationships formed through getting to know friends through blogging.

  3. What an angel she is! Agreed, we make some wonderful freinds blogging!

  4. A blogger friend's 12yr old son died, oh my.

    Mother and Granddaughter are darling. I sure miss my Mama, lost her in 1992 at the age of 61, to breast cancer.

    From the feedback I have gotten, I think my baby goat is a hermaphrodite, instead of GinnieBea, we're calling it GinnieHe. It happened because of the polled to polled genetics from it's parents. We'll watch it for a while, I just don't want it to suffer, it whines when it pees and poops.

  5. The clip of Sweet Pea is so darn cute -- you are right the body language speaks volumes. It sure made me smile. Love you, Mom

  6. How sweet! Having grandchildren is just about the best part of living.I love mine so. It's wonderful that your Mom is there to enjoy this child with all of you. I miss my mother and wish she was here to see her great grandchildren grow.
    Life is sad, happy, tragic and, sometimes unbelievably beautiful. We have to look at the beauty to gather strength for the sadness. It all comes hand in hand. It's called life....

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments. I was just feeling down that day and wanted to share something that ALWAYS makes me smile.

    Brenda - My heart goes out to Teri and her family. I know that they are devastated.

    Joanna - It's been so much fun meeting and getting to know you and Mike.

    Mom - I love you, too! I'm very lucky to have you!

  8. Though I don't have time for reading other blogs very much anymore, I know what you mean about blogging. Your farm looks heavenly, Sandy! I'd love to visit sometime.