Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chester - Snow Dog and Lover of...



Yep, it seems that Chester and Cali are becoming best of friends. This is what our evenings have recently been consisting of:

I brought Cali inside to spend some more time with her. For the first few days she stayed in her enclosure in the laundry room but with each day and more exposure to the dogs she is venturing out and about a lot more.

She has also formed an unlikely friendship with Chester.

The older dogs for the most part ignore her. And Maggie (whom Cali outweighs by 10 lbs or more) is feeling a little jealous that Chester has found another playmate. The fact that she get's HB's lap all to herself is a bonus though....

...while watching Chester and Cali play she found that she just couldn't keep her eyes open another minute.

On another note, HB and I worked on plowing the garden earlier this week. This plow was sitting out as garden art but HB's father suggested that we hook it up to the riding lawn mower and use it to plow the garden. Worked like a charm (sorta)! :)

Live simply, love fully and Smile!


  1. Live simply, love fully and Smile! - that's what I'm aiming for

  2. Oh how sweet! We had a huge Belgian Hare that I saved from being eaten by a Red-Tailed Hawk (a story allll it's own!) & we had him for 8 yrs. He was the sweetest big ol' boy I ever knew. He NEVER bit anyone. We used to let him in from time-to-time to explore a little of the downstairs of our home. We kept his cage in the garage...that way, he was comfortable no matter the weather or humidity.

    Funny you should post this today, I had been thinking about him & couldn't believe he's been gone for about 5yrs.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  3. Loved the old fashioned plow. In genious using the lawn mower to pull it!
    Your post about blog friends brought tears to my eyes. Even though chances of ever meeting bloggin friends is remote, the fact that we care what happens in their lives is what it's all about.
    Your Grand daughter is precious. Hope you get to see her more often.

  4. I can't get the Corgi boys to play well with our cat, let alone a bunny. I'm so envious of your dogs and this rabbit.
    The videos are wonderful. That bunny is having fun with your pups. How cool!
    Love the old plow. I can't quite picture the plow with the riding mower. Could you do a tutorial video on that.

  5. Isn't it great how older technology still works, without batteries and updated programs? Of course, using the riding mower must have saved a lot of time :) We've still got snow covering some frozen ground. There won't be many gardens turned around here for a while....

  6. Hi Sandy,

    Your name was picked for the 1970's pattern giveaway! Please email me with shipping details and I'll send it right out to you :)
    Best wishes!