Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The grave digger...

...the goat feeder
...the fence builder
...the woodworker
...the singer/musician
...the best Papaw
...the dog walker
...the handsome/happy one
...the snow shoveler
...the coop builder
...the egg gatherer

...and so much more but mostly...

...the one I count on and couldn't live without!


  1. What a thoughtful tribute! My guy, Tramp 1, does a lot for me, too, including dish washing - he thinks I don't give him enough credit for doing dishes... Thanks for reminding me to give him more kudos.

  2. Beautiful sentiment. And I'll bet he can say as many nice things about you :)

  3. He does all that and still has a smile on his face. Life with you must be very, very sweet!

  4. You remind us all, of the good reasons that we have for living with "The Man" in our lives. When they are good men, it's a blessing isn't it?
    Very sweet post....

  5. A man of many talents and what wonderful creatures "our men" are to do so much for us and others!

  6. Beautiful tribute! Beautiful blog....I've enjoyed my visit!

  7. You guys are both awesome and compliment each other beautifully!

  8. I love the beard! And miss you both.