Thursday, December 31, 2009

Does time really fly...??? sure seems like it.

Last year I spent New Years Eve with Sweet Pea. It was her very first time seeing the ball drop and she....snored softly through the whole thing, This year I miss not being with her. But, we spent a lot of time together over the holidays and it is only fair that she see her other grandmother some.

Although I did make her repeat after me..."I like Mammy best!"...over and over and over...


That to say:

Here's hoping that 2010 finds you safe, sound and loved by many!

Happy New Year!

from Maggie, me, Boone, Sweet Pea
and all the other peeps and critters
Spring Lake Farm


  1. May your evening be delightful.

  2. How Sweet! Happy New Year to all of you at Spring Lake Farm!

  3. Happy 2010!

    What an adorable little girl! You must be so proud of her! =)

  4. Happy New Year. Hope it was a good one. We watched our football team kick butt!

  5. Happy New Year to all at Spring Lake Farm. From all of us over at snowy Dog Trot Farm!

  6. Sandy--

    Sweet Pea is just that. Look at her beautiful smile!

    Wishing you and your crew a Happy 2010 as well!


  7. Happy New Year! Give your peeps and critters a hug from us!