Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I lost one today...

RIP, Sweet girl...



  1. every loss is a loss
    every creature is an individual, whether "productive' or not
    God bless and God fill the void left by your hen..
    I like your blog

  2. I am so sorry about your Sweet Girl. Our feathery and furry ones leave a sad place in our heart when they leave. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog today and doing the following thing. I don't follow because it gets me all befuddle-muddled which doesn't take much. I have enjoyed your blog and will be visiting. All your critters are sweet but that Charley, oh my he is darling!

  3. that really stinks. :(
    My mom has gone through this a lot with her chickens, mostly because they insist on free-ranging and Mom lives out in the "sticks" so they end up being some critters lunch/dinner.
    It would always seem so sad to me but Mom raises probably 24-26 every Spring so, I guess she's not as attached to them as I would be. I hope you can replace your sweet girl.

  4. This is my first time having chickens. In March it will be a year. I have been surprised at how attached you get. I do plan on getting some meat chickens next year so I'm not overly sentimental about them dying but what has been hard or difficult to understand is how something can be healthy one day, acting sick the next and dead the next. I'm just not use to that short cycle of health to death. Especially when everyone else seems to be very hardy and doing so well.

    Thanks for all the kind words and for following along with me on this journey.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


  5. Sorry, I recently lost two of my precious Khaki Campbell Ducks that I had hatched. I just found your blog yesterday and enjoyed going thru all of the post. Look forward to keeping up with your blog.

  6. Oh No! This is my first visit and I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Each one an angel. My heart goes out to you and her roost mates who will no doubt miss her, as well.

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving such a lovely note on my doorstep. I'm glad I was able to brighten your day, if even just a little bit.


  7. Sorry for your loss! You have a beautiful life.

  8. We are so so sorry for you. It is such a terrible loss when something so innocent leaves your life. The girls say she looks very nice, and they know how awful it feels to lose a dear hen. Blossom wants to know if she was your favorite?

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    Blossom - I love all my "girls" and while I can't say she was the favorite she was a very good girl and I miss her a lot. We had three hens that looked just alike and because we could not tell them apart HB named them the "Hennys: Penny, Jenny & Wenny. When I call to them I usually just call them my "Girls" or "The Boy".

    Happy Holidays to your entire family!