Monday, December 7, 2009

Which came first...???

Flock #1 consists of:

1 Easter Egger Rooster
3 Buff Orpington's
5 Barred Rock's

General Characteristics: These are our very first birds. All were raised from chicks bought from a local breeder. The EE & BOs are approximately 36 weeks old and the BRs are around 32 weeks old.

The Barred Rocks - one pullet began laying at 20 weeks and it seemed as if the others started week by week after that. They are friendlier and more outgoing than the Buffs. I will definitely keep some of these in my flock long term.

The Buffs - Only began laying about 2 weeks ago (I think, at this point all three are now laying). Much longer to start laying but began with much larger eggs. Not as friendly as the BRs but they are calm, quiet birds. Will probably keep these in the flock also.

The EE rooster - We will eventually move him in with the EE pullets (part of Flock #2) but for now takes good care of the ladies and has not shown any signs of aggression.

"Morning Rush Hour"

Early eggs from the BRs

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  1. Buff orpingtons were my first chickens ever. I raised them from chicks and was obsessed with them, handled them constantly so you can imagine how tame they were. I do love the buffs. I love seeing all the pictures of your flock, keep them coming. :)