Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Which came last...???

Flock #3...Last and least! (I mean, least as far as #'s go.)

The Welsummers: We have a trio, one rooster and two pullets. We have not had too many losses on the farm but the Welsummers seemd to be the worst hit. We lost a rooster (HB's favorite) and a pullet to "something" (probably a coon). Another pullet was severely injured but a good friend took her and I am so happy to say she has made a full recovery. (You can see "Calendula" on Christy's Whistling Wind Farm blog.) We have since gotten a new rooster, "King Louis", and have two remaining pullets. I think the roosters are beautiful (although Louis is currently in his gawky teenage stage) and the pullets have been calm and somewhat friendly. Although one threatens to literally "fly the coop" everyday. The pullets are 30 and 28 weeks so I'm hoping for some dark brown eggs very soon. They currently live in the garden so we will need to move them in early spring. (...yet another project on HB's ever-growing "todo" list.)

King Louis around 10 weeks (currently he is 18 weeks and is leggy and gawky looking)

Group shot

The one who wants to escape...

...but usually thinks better of it in the end! (at least, so far)


  1. Hey, I didn't know you knew Christy! So Calendula was yours! Welsummers - those are the pretty chickens whose hens lay the beautiful chocolate colored eggs, right? Are they a hardy breed?
    I love looking at your "cast members" - your dogs all look like they have so much personality!

  2. I loved my Welsummers, unfortunately I lost all of mine. I think their layed-back temperament makes them an easy target for preditors.
    I didn't know that you had BLRs too! I have a BLR roo and am planning on adding some pullets this spring....they are awesome!

  3. Yes, Christy was a doll to take her. She and Logan came by to see the farm and animals the day after the attack and since I work full-time I wasn't sure that I could devote the time to her recovery. Luckily they are home during the day and agreed to try and help her. I'm not sure how hardy Welsummers are in cold weather, since we live in Georgia we usually don't have extended periods of deep cold. (Of course, now that I've said that I'm sure we'll have that unexpected cold snap.) I can't wait to get our first eggs from them. I will post pictures. As for the dogs, I still have multiple photos to post in order to get everyone on the list. Coon hounds are a special. Not for everyone but definitely each one is unique!

    Corrine - I hope to hatch a couple of clutches of BLRWs this spring. If that works, I think I will keep this breed to start selling. We'll see how it goes but I have really liked them. I also really like my Barred Rocks!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Danni, I didn't know you knew Sandy. Small world. Sandy is great! And we love Calendula, she is so friendly and wants to be held all the time.

  5. Love your Welsummers. I wanted to get some Barnevelder chicks over this winter, but its not looking promising. A friend down the road called me yesterday and asked what I thought about doing some hatching. He has cuckoo marans laying regular and he said he would split the hatch with me, so I guess we are hatching.