Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What do you think you are doing...???

...Maggie! What are you doing?

"Uh-oh, I think I'm in trouble!"

"Hey, where's she going? Maybe I'm not in trouble..."

Are you suppose to be on my computer?

"Well, no.............but....."

"........I don't think "he" is suppose to be on the bed."

Uhhh........Good point!


  1. Ha! That was funny. I cant believe shes sitting on the computer....I wonder if she did that because its so warm....

  2. I was lying on the sofa with one dog last night, and one of the others decided that my HEAD would be nice to sit on. So I had the German Shepherd stretched out long on top of me, and the cur sitting on my head. I very nearly needed a rescue! Good thing the Pyrenees lives outside... :)

  3. Ha haa! I guess you really would enjoy Winston! Yes, he has plenty of guilt but I don't think I've ever caught him sitting on the laptop! LOL!! He did take a nap with me in the bed today though.

  4. My dogs weigh over 100 pound each... I think I would hear my computer go 'crrruuunch' if one of them sat on it. Good thing it's a desktop and not a laptop... *giggles*

    Happy Holidays
    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. Lol Love the pic! That is to funny!

  6. Fern says...I would wash the keyboard if I were you! Ha! Ha! We got a huge kick out of this post...

  7. I love Maggie's sweater. She will enjoy that while hiking in the mountains!

  8. This made me LAUGH! Your critters are incredibly spoiled - just like mine :-)
    Roxy, my farm pup, sleeps on our bed like that, too! How fun to have a dog so tiny that when she sits on your laptop, she causes no damage!! lol Cute post.