Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here's your sign...

I made a sign for the farm...

It's not finished but I wanted to make sure that you could read it. So....I asked HB to hold it up in front of the lake.

Not what I had in mind....

Much better....(in front of the pretty flowers) it readable?

(I think so, but sometimes I see things that other people don't...more below)

I love the reflection.

(Can you see how much pollen we still have?)

Does this look like a deer and antlers to anyone but me?
(nobody at my work seemed to see it) has "aggressively" grown all of 6 inches....

I was hoping it would have covered the arbor by now....

That's all for now.
I'll have an update soon about a new arrival on our small farm!

Live Simply and Smile!


  1. Your sign is great - and very read-able!

    (Love the reindeer, too :) )

  2. What a lovely setting, you did a terrific job on the sign and yes it is quite readable. Yup, saw the antlers too, can't wait to hear what your new arrival might be.

  3. The sign looks great! And I can totally see the deer. Those flowers are so pretty next to the lake. I cant wait to hear what else you have coming to the farm.....:-)

  4. I love the sign. You were very creative with the design. The flowers are beautiful across the lake.

  5. The sign looks great! The flowers reflecting on the lake was beautiful.

  6. I love the sign! And I could see the deer too. I wonder what the new arrival will be? A new species?


  7. It is readable. I need a sign too. Someday I'll make one.

  8. Very readable, very artistic sign.

  9. The sign is awesome. A friend of ours carved our farm sign last year, and I have loved having one.
    Can't wait to see who's new on the farm!

  10. Terrific sign! It makes me wonder if I could make one for here, something similar perhaps. I definitely see the deer - very clever!

  11. Very cool sign. I bet that took a lot of work! I'm getting tired of watching plants grow, too. I'm a bit impatient.

  12. Love, Love the sign, How did you make it?? Tutorial woman!! You can't leave us hanging like that and not tell us how to make a sign! Bummer!