Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A picture says a thousand words...???

...but what words is it saying???

We do not have a barn. We have the Girl Goat Hilton, the Boy Goat Hyatt, coops and pens of every size and shape BUT we did not have a place to milk the goats. So in an effort to build something that will keep everyone comfortable and dry during milking in the event of liquid precipitation, HB built this....

(see all that mess over to the side....yuck!)

Have you ever been looking at some of your own pictures and thought "I wonder what people think about this? Do we look like the Beverly Hillbilly's?" Well, in most cases that wouldn't be far from the truth. But seriously, sometimes I get use to seeing things stacked up or laying around and it's not until I see a picture that reality strikes.

...I'm not exactly sure what it is? A milking lean-to or milking shed? What would you call it? Any ideas for a name? Also, I think he should put a panel on the other side. He says we don't need it because the weather only come in from one side. What do you think? I need some help here...

(Most of the things he builds I really like but I'm not so sure about this one...it hasn't rained yet and when it does I'm sure I'll be glad we have something my hear.)

Black Eyed Susan Vine

I can't wait to see this cover the trellis. Now, if the deer just don't eat it...

Dirty faces


"Ethel, don't look!"
(but it was too late)

And yep, she's going to hate me for this later... :)

Growing up

(Chaz and Annie)

Phlox and Wisteria

Keep smiling and stay safe!



  1. I love your blog header photo! It's divine!

    And I withhold my opinion of whether or not to add more sides to the lean-to. I'd just say it's an excellent use of materials! And it seems that someone has already figured out it's a great place to play :)

  2. Your homestead look like a little bit of heaven to me. Animals, lush flowers, beautiful granddaughter ( yup, she will eventually get you back for that one)! Now as for the goat structure, if your husband is anything like mine, it will take one good soaking rainfall for him to comprehend, it needs sides!

  3. HB is pretty creative ... this should work fine ... just so long as the wind doesn't blow any rain in. I guess you could hang tarps on the sides and roll them up when it's nice weather.... just a thought. :D

    I love the flowers ... especially the wisteria!

  4. I agree with all the comments here! I am envious of your Wisteria! Beautiful! I am also really loving the trellis.

  5. The wisteria are lovely! And kudos to hb for the swell milking station!

  6. I've never seen a black eyed susan vine before, and I love it! It will be beautiful growing over that trellis (I would love to have your trellis and garden gate, just love 'em!)

  7. I like the milking shed. I don't think you can count on the weather only coming from one direction, but maybe. I milk in the basement, it is always warm and dry in there.

  8. Oh, and I'm sad the babies are growing up!

  9. Hi Sandy!
    I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! I of course had to come and see who you are! love the pictures and your sense of humor! I always wonder what people think when I take pics too but heck as long as the animals are happy, thats all that matters!:)

  10. Oh, the flowers!!!! So pretty.
    The milking stand looks great, and I am so glad you have something to put it under. Ours was in the garage-too far from the goat fields. Moved out out by the goat gate-it got rained on, the wood expanded, was difficult to operate the head slot for a few days.
    We have to come up with a similar little shed before it rains again.
    Thanks for sharing. By the way, i feel the same way about our mess-sometimes I don't see it until I see the pictures, and then i wonder what others might think about it.
    Have a great week!

  11. p.s. We will be up in Greene County for a family reunion this Saturday.

  12. Thanks for all the feedback. The milk hut has been growing on me some. Of course, it has yet to rain during the morning milking so how water tight it is remains to be seen. I think I'm going to Brenda's advice and attach a tarp to the cross beam and keep it rolled up unless needed. And I am going to have HB put a wall on the other side also as I think it will make it look....I don't know...better, more complete...???

    Polly, where are you traveling from? Will you be near Lake Oconee? If you have any extra time or are coming anywhere near us I would love to meet you.

    Thanks again to everyone.