Monday, June 21, 2010

I want to go to there...

...actually I want to "move" to there.

I have often been asked, "do you prefer the mountains or the beach?"

And while I love visiting the beach and appreciated it's vast beauty, my soul yearns for the mountains! It's where I feel alive and where I seem to become the "real" me. It's hard to explain, but it feels.....spiritual.

So, after a recent family bike trip along the Virginia Creeper Trail, I have decided the following:

I want to live here... something like this...

...and see this...

...or this, when I look out my kitchen window...

...and be able to play with Sweet Pea in one of these...

...of course, this wouldn't be too far away...

...and just a short drive down the road, you would see this...

...or this...

...and views like this...

...or this, are common place...



...will just have to come visit Mammy and Papaw....OFTEN!


  1. What a gorgeous place!? I wanna go too!:)

  2. Beautiful views! Life there would be so peaceful. I think I can hear the crickets :)

  3. I have few words... I understand completely.
    I live in this place (well,one like it) and the children will come because it's special and it's grandma's and grandpa's place.

  4. Sign me up as well! What a beautiful view!

  5. I am not sure what I did but I lost my long-ish comment. My point-I am with you. Mountains trump beach.

  6. I'll be in the moving van that's right behind yours & we'll be your neighbors down the holler! This is my dream, too. :-)

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  7. How very pretty. All of it. I love the barns!!

  8. Maybe when Hunter is in College, I will go to-- Nah I'm moving to Lake Hartwell!

  9. After viewing your beautiful photos I feel as though I have traveled back in time. My dream, (since I saw my first "chinked" log home while travelling in Virginia) is to build one. Hopefully, someday this dream will come true. Absolutely a beautiful part of the country where you are located! Go for it!

  10. Mountains over beach any day! What a lovely place to be...if only in our dreams, huh?

    Sandy, I just want you to know that Blossom and Fern follow your blog avidly. They are thrilled you stopped by to cheer the goat homecoming! THANK YOU for being a friend! Love from Maine...

  11. I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. I get to view the mountains from the shoreline. Dreamy photos, if only I could haul one of those barns to the west coast.

  12. What beautiful country indeed -- my mother is from WV and I have always had this desire to live there -- WV is as beautiful as V.. Right now all our kids live close by -- but I still would move there if there was a living to make! Best of luck..

  13. WOW! Just catching up and you put your wish into pictures and 'The Laws Of Attraction" worked fast for you. Congratulations!