Thursday, May 20, 2010


New Mama and babies...

New breed...(Java's)

New heights and new breed...(BC Maran)

New morning chore...

New "digs" for the Silkies...(they have been moved to the garden)


  1. OMG OMG, I don't have any Javas or BC Marans...maybe I need to order more chicks!!!
    PS I am glad you understand my 'chicken math' my hubby doesn't quite get it either : (.

  2. How neat to have so many "new" members! I love the coloring on mama and her chicks in the first photo.

  3. So lovely!!!! Thanks for the update :)
    I'd like to hear how that milking goes. We only milked our doe for about a day... she had triplets and we figured they needed the milk more than we did!!

  4. Aw!!! Just another day on the ol' farm.
    Love the new chicks.
    Do you like milking? I'm thinking about a doe.

  5. The chicks are really cute. I love the silky chickens. It looks like you're getting lots of good fresh goat milk!

  6. Aww such cute chicks! Yup, lots of yummy goat milk for you now it looks like! She has a nice udder. =)

  7. LOVE the new babies. We used to have a silkie, Ginger, she was awesome, but got eaten by a fox. I would love to find another one like her-she was the most mellow hen, almost like a puppy dog.
    Good luck with the milking!! I have finally stopped milking China as she is trying to wean her baby and her milk production dropped to the point where it made no sense for me to get the equipment out. I am hoping to breed our saanen this summer mainly for the milk.
    Can't wait to visit with you guys.

  8. Love your Silkies. I have the white ones. They are so friendly.
    And your new babies. Oh my gosh they are adorable.
    Um, pic of the goat I am going to guess is about to get milked or already was?

  9. Everything looks great! I hope the chicks are doing better.

  10. Congrats on your new babies! None of my hens have ever gone broody and it has been over two years now. I will just have to live vicariously through you and all the other fortunate chicken keepers with adorable wee little chicks running around currently! :-)

  11. Love the brown and white hen. What a beauty. In the garden? They don't eat the plants? My baby turkey got out and ate a flat of sunflowers. I wouldn't trust them!