Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's happening...???

...check out what has been going on at Spring Lake Farm!

"Warning: Long pictorial post ahead"

  • Our new little buckling! Cher was very accommodating (proving me wrong after all the bad things I said about her) and she gave birth Saturday afternoon about 5:30pm. It was warm and the kiddos were over and all got to watch. It always amazing to me to watch a life being born! And since he is officially out of Sonny and Cher, of course, his name is.....Chaz. (If it had been a girl, the name would have been "Chastity" so it was covered both ways.) ;)

Sweet Pea, HB & Chaz:

The Hippie Chik and Her House:

"Mammy, I can see just fine...!"

"Can you see how dirty your hands are...???"

"That's my house...!"

"It's a great place to put your feet up..."

  • We lost Charley the night of our big snow! It was really hard for me to come to grips with and I just couldn't blog about it. I've never had rabbits before and they are not like any other animal I've had. They seem fragile. Although I have totally loved having them. They are sweet, affectionate and inquisitive. So....while we will miss Charley, as he was a very special boy, I'm not ready to give up yet. I found a breeder on Craigs List and we took Blossom to be bred by her buck. I also came home with a young doe.....so meet Cauliflower (Cali for short)....she's two months old and just a beautiful girl. (I'll get some better pictures soon.)
Cauliflower "Cali"

Check out these "airplane" ears...

Squash "Blossom"

And for those things that make you say...hmmm......ever since we took Blossom to be bred she has developed an unnatural affection for the rooster.

Annie getting in on the conga line...

Has anyone seen anything like this????

Lil Miss Annie:

Other News:
  • Dogs - Took Maggie and Maybel in to be spayed two weeks ago. My cheap spay ($55.00) for Maybel turned into a three hour emergency surgery to remove the impacted shreds of a tennis ball. Lucky for us we had her scheduled for the spay but unlucky for my wallet! She's doing well but she thinks we are starving her as she can only eat small amounts of food (multiple times per day) until her stomach heals. Pictures of Ms Staple Belly to follow later.
  • Chickens - Mama Silkie has done a marvelous job of raising her one hatched chick (a Barred Rock mix) and her 5 surrogate chicks (Silkies). They will be 4 weeks old this weekend. The BR is about 3x the size of the Silkie chicks and will be closing in on Mama over the next several weeks.

Sorry about the ultra long post but wanted to share our recent news. Hope everyone is enjoying some spring-like weather and has lots of blessings in there life to smile about!


  1. A goat explosion! They are so adorable. Glad to see all the animals getting along.

  2. I love the conga line, very cute!!


  3. Awe!!! What a handsome boy your chaz is! Sorry to hear of your pup... tennis balls are vicious.

  4. What cute photos of all! I especially love how soft and silky Cali's fur looks in the pictures. My sons and I used to enjoy the rabbits that our neighbor had.

  5. Love your little buckling!! He's adorable!

  6. These are some really great pictures, looks like lots of fun. I feel the same way about the rabbits, they are certainly not quite as easy as one might think. Good luck with Cali.

  7. these are very cute pictures reminds me of my goats when they were little! thanks for coming

  8. Love the Pics. There is nothing cuter than baby goats. I have "Chers" twin brother at my house. I have a few kids on the way. They will probably kid in this rain(better than snow).

  9. Chaz is a cutie-but again, we are partial to black and white goaties here.
    Looks like Ms. Annie got her horns done?
    And the bunny-we haven't raised bunnies, but my Hurricane Katrina rescue Bud(male lab mutt) had the biggest crush on our (now late) male cat Smokie. Conga lines and more...
    Looks like Spring, you are right!!!
    And, not a day too soon.

  10. I love rabbits! My daughter raised them when she was a teenager and I miss having them around! Those goats are quite charming too!

  11. Chaz is adorable. The rabbit following the rooster is funny. I wonder what she is thinking? Watching animals and their antics is one of my favorite things to do. They can always make me smile. Sorry to hear about Maybel, I wish her a speedy recovery. I have enjoyed all of your pictures.

  12. Sandy - It looks like spring has sprung at your farm! I love Chaz! He is one good looking little guy! The bunny and rooster are quite a pair ... they're too funny. Looks like Sweet Pea had a wonderful time. Her house is really nice! She's making some great memories!

  13. Love all the pictures!

    I really like the one of Sweetpea, HB and Chaz. Sweetpea and Chaz getting eye contact and then the picture that follows with the hug. Oh, and the joy on HB's face sharing that moment with Sweetpea.

    I am sorry about Charley.

  14. I love all your animal pics. It's pretty neat how the bunny is so close to the rooster...strange, but cute! My sister used to have a pet bunny in her house. We only have wild ones!

    Chaz is ADORABLE - makes me want goats!!

  15. OMG! LOOOVE the conga line bit!

  16. So sorry about Charlie. I love rabbits and had at one time 6 of them. Most were inside litterbox trained, too. Very special creature.

    How funny about the inter species attraction, too. Does the rooster reciprocate the affection or at least tolerate it, or he just indifferent? So funny....especially the conga line. lol!

    I also loved the pics of the goat love. Goat hugs and little girls. So precious! Baby goats are so stinkin' cute!


  17. The congo line of the rooster, blossom, and Annie was great and aren't animals just a hoot? It's partly why I love having them. I really enjoyed this post.

  18. Chaz is a cutie! They all look so familiar..like goats I have here.
    Sorry to hear about Charley, I get so attached to the animals here too.
    Blossom does seem to find the rooster attractive.It is a wonder the rooster didn't jump on her.
    The pictures were so good.(love that cutie pie face in the cute hat)

    Have a great day.

  19. They are the cutest little kids! We had so much fun meeting them, I just posted about it actually.

  20. So sorry about your rabbit. I've had many over the years and never known them to be fragile. Maybe he was sick for unknown reasons. I hope you have better luck this time. They do tunnel and may tunnel right out of your pen. Mine had an extensive tunnel system that they had numerous litters in. Just adorable animals you have!

  21. I was doing some updating on my blog and noticed I had a new follower, so I decided to check them out...and here you are! Sometimes the nicest blogs show up unannounced! Love your place and all your creatures!