Friday, February 19, 2010

Enough, already...

...let's get rid of that old depressing post. It's time for......

What made you smile this week???

Here's what made me smile over the last week.

I know, I know......I'm always late but......snow, beautiful snow.
(Please remember that I live in Georgia and we just don't get to see it that often.)

...little small snow birds....

...and beautiful blue skies...

...also we hatched our first chicks on the farm. ("We" being a relative term.)

"Mama" being very diligent...

"MaMa" started out on eight eggs (let me preface by saying this is was my first broody and I know that I did several things wrong). She ended up hatching two of the eight, two more were viable but died in the shell and 4 were quitters or not fertile. One of the two that she hatched died, so....I bought five Silkie chicks from a friend that were a couple of days old and stuck them under her! We now have 6 healthy chicks and she is being a great Mom!

Maybel growing....and Georgia being the sweet Mom and letting Maybe sit on her.


Self Portrait, by Sweet Pea....


"Sam" the garden serpent...

"Sam" with a snow cap.....

A man, a phone and his goat...

a big snow bird...

Leopold and his ladies...


"No way, No how, are we walking out in that stuff!"

Have an awesome weekend and don't forget to "SMILE".



  1. Beautiful snow photos!

    Looks like a really good week, especially with mama chicken taking in those babies.

    I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  2. Yes! These make me smile too! Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  3. Did you realize that you have more snow in Georgia than we have here in Maine? Love all your animal photos and Miss Sweet Pea is just precious! Have a great weekend, stay warm.

  4. You got your snow!? Love the pics and I must say you have the prettiest doe! I love her coloring.

  5. Great pictures! Love the silkie momma! The goats are adorable. What a great time for photographs in your part of the world!

  6. Love the pictures! Wish we would get some snow! Doesn't look like it will ha[[en this year.

  7. All wonderful photos. That grandchild is so beautiful. These are definitely things to make one smile. Thanks.
    p.s. Did you ever get my package?

  8. Great photos that made me smile! Thanks for the grin! =)

  9. Snow = smile. As a matter of fact, I'm heading out to hook up a team of dogs to a sled. ;)

  10. Your place is beautiful in the snow.

  11. We loved the snow too-first one in 32 years. the cats hated it, and the dogs and the goats thought it was interesting. Oatmeal tried to eat it-he is my spoiled rotten goat baby. At 11 months old he still goes bananas when he sees a bottle(even if it has soda in it!)

  12. Love the blog! Empty nester,Ga girl here too. The snow was great.More coming tues sounds like. Finding your blog made me smile.

  13. Your photos made me smile too. I love that mama adopted five chicks and loves them all like her own.