Friday, January 8, 2010

When we didn't have an empty nest...???

...this is who shared our home.

The "kiddos".....

(HB - We done good!)


  1. Beautiful Children! You must be proud.

    My daughter is 30 ... married... with 2 sons. My son is 28 ... married ... with 1 son. I am very proud of them all.

  2. Your kids are beautiful and they look so happy together. I can relate to that empty nest feeling mixed with the joy when they become successful adults.

  3. Fain is 26. dating a school teacher, Addie, who is awesome. Mallory (left) is 23, married to Chip who has a landscape company, and is the mother of Sweet Pea. Morgan "the baby" will be 22 in 2 weeks and is dating Phillip, a pastry chef, who is also great!

    We are very proud of them. They have been great kids and are turning into wonderful adults. They are also part of the reason that we ended up with 14 dogs. ;)

    Of course, having an empty nest has not been a bad thing either!!!


  4. What fine young adults. You and hubby deserve a pat on the back. I know it makes me feel like I have done my job well when friends comment on what nice young men my sons are.