Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do you have any unfinished projects at home...???



This is soon to be our completed "buck" pen, the new residence of our goats, Clyde and Sonny. The better halves of Bonnie and Cher.


  1. Hi, my name is Caryn and I live in Athens, Ga too! Where is your farm? I found your blog on Cold Antler Farm's blog, where I was after reading Jenna's book Made from Scratch. While we live in a rental property, both my husband and I are interesting in homesteading and hope to keep doing more to buy local, grow our own food and of course, for me at least, spin and knit our own clothes.

  2. Hi Caryn - It's great to hear from another Athenian. We are located on Oak Grove Rd, which is off 129 heading toward Jefferson. I checked out your blog and saw that you have just rented a house near ARMC, so we are actually pretty close by. We would love for you and your husband to come by and see us and I would love to hear more about your spinning and knitting. I hope at some point in the near future to have some type of fiber animal.

    Hopefully we can get together soon. Email me @ donhenderson2@gmail.com.

  3. Oh, I want to learn to spin. Maybe Caryn can teach us and we can let her get her animal fix at our farms. Nice blog. Do you really have that many dogs? Wow!

  4. LOL. Yes, to my husband's dismay we do have 13 dogs. All shapes and sizes. Big and small, short and tall, young and old. Coonhounds, chihuahua, 2 (yes, 2) three-legged dogs, and mutts.


  5. Are you kidding? It would be better to ask if we have any FINISHED projects! (Very few.)

    BAHAHA! You have two three-legged dogs - that's awesome! I thought we had a lot when we topped out at five (regular dogs, not tripods). I'd probably have that many, except that we can't help but let ours live in the house, and well, there are practical limits to that!

  6. Lots of unfinished projects here - somehow the list keeps growing. The finishing details always get left for last - the house is livable nonetheless.

    That's a lot of pooches - they can be their own ragtag dog pack. :>) They don't ALL coming running at you when you come home, do they? If so, what a welcoming committee!

    Glad to be visiting your blog. Keep it going, it will grow too. Cheers ~ Conny