Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friends from GA...

Henry and Jeannie came to see us in the mountains from Athens, GA. On Monday, we had an awesome day biking the top part of the Virginia Creeper Trail (17 miles from White Top, VA to Damascus, VA). The day was a little hazy with the sun trying to peak through but the temps were perfect.



Some history about the Creeper Trail

Beautiful vistas

HB and myself

(I am now officially a brunette)

Henry and Jeannie crossing one of the many bridges/trestles

Numerous waterfalls and shoals

A great day enjoyed with good friends!


  1. oh, how fun!!!
    I love, love visits from friends.

  2. put that photo of you and HB on your sidebar, this new photo looks more like y'all than the two photo's you have over there.

    and I don't see a photo of Boss on the sidebar.

    I'm envious of your Monday with friends on the Creeper Trail. :-)

  3. Thanks, Polly! We had a lot of fun.

    Joanna - Suggestions appreciated and edits completed. Just think how long my sidebar will be when I get all the dogs and goats on there!

    I'm ready for another road trip! :)

  4. What a beautiful place to bike. What a lovely place to share with friends.
    Love the photos...

  5. Aren't the Rail Trails awesome?! Thank goodness they've saved these and turned them into recreational/natural trails instead of developing them or letting them go idle.

    What a great day to spend with friends!

  6. Looks like a fun filled day. What a beautiful corner of the world you live in! I do believe spring has found your neck of the woods. Happy Spring!

  7. Looked like a great trip. It is beautiful there.