Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekend visitors....

The girls came to see us this past weekend! Mallory and Morgan (biological daughters), Nina (not biological but ours just the same) and Sweet Pea (aka - Taylor Fayne our granddaughter. Morgan also brought her dog, Cooper (Monroe, Savannah and Tallulah's brother). This was the girls first trip up and the weather was spectacular!

Mallory, Nina and Morgan

View of the farm on the climb to the ridge.

HB's favorite tree.

View from the ridge.

Sea of gold.

Morgan and Cooper

More views.

Aunts Nina and Morgan and one tired little girl!

Valley view.

Update on animals coming soon. We are pleased that in three separate moving trips with the animals we only suffered one chicken casualty. We have since lost 3 more birds but with moving 60+ chickens I'm still happy with the result. The goats made the trip with no problems (including 2 new ones that I will introduce in the coming days).

That's all for now.

Live simply, love fully and smile!


  1. That is a breath taking view! Beautiful!

    Sorry to hear about your chickens but out of 60 that not bad! Look forward to seeing your new goats too!


  2. My God, you have chosen a beautiful part of the country to live in. I hope you will be so happy there.
    How wonderful that the girls came to visit. Choosing to move out to the country can sometimes distance you from the ones you love.... but if the love is there, they will come. It sounds like it is.
    Glad the animals made it safely. Sorry about the chickens but sometimes they just die anyway for no reason. I doubt that it was the move.

  3. What incredible views! Ah, I can imagine waking up, surrounded by the beauty.

    I'm sure your girls will visit often. For fun, adventure, and great family times. Enjoy!


    Sorry to hear about the chickens. Can't wait to get the update on the goats.

    Have a great weekend!

    Again, Beautiful views!

  5. Oh my-so glad I found your blog while farm blog searching. It is spectacular. The views around there are gorgeous. Looks like a great weekend for all :)
    Can't wait to hear about your new critters.

  6. Beautiful views and pictures! I love the pics of all the old barns too! Can't wait to see the new animals pictures!

  7. What an incredible view. Leaves are one of my favorite things making fall one of my favorite season. Yet, I live where there are very few trees. What am I doing here I often wonder but one goes where the work is.